Heal Through Nutrition.

1:1 health consulting for women that are ready for a breakthrough in their health.

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About Me | What I Offer

Kourtney BS, CNC, FDNP

My name is Kourtney, and I am a nutritionist that helps women identify the root causes of health struggles and show them how healing is possible. Through strategic nutrition and targeted supplementation, I empower and educate those I work with so that they can reach their goals and find healing. My compassionate and strategic approach brings custom solutions that help you succeed. My years of experience in the field of health, combined with my knowledge and expertise, fuel my ability to help women get their health on track.

I help identify the root causes of your health struggles, and help you heal using strategic nutrition and targeted supplementation.



"Finding Kourtney was nothing short of an absolute gift from God. I have fought for years with insulin resistance/ PCOS and was slowly starting to believe the lie that healing my body was impossible. I cannot begin to describe how understanding and sympathetic Kourtney was of my situation and how welcome she made me feel in our first 1:1. I finally had found someone who not only believed that holistic healing is possible, but that it was something I deserved. It has been through her believing in me that I began to believe in myself and my capabilities of taking control of my health. Kourtney’s approach and guidance was individualized to my specific needs, and she guided me every step of the way with thorough meal planning, supplementation, and loving conversation. It is with her help that I have regulated my cycle after years of irregularity, learned to treat food as medicine rather than an enemy, and have become the healthiest I have been in years. I cannot recommend working with Kourtney enough. Her heart and sincere care for every one of her clients is incredible and she is the best teammate you could ask for when choosing to re-claim your health as a top priority in your life. Kourtney, thank you for not only helping me heal my body through nutrition, but helping me learn how to love myself again."


My Services

The Kickstarter Program

Are you stressed out by food choices and tired of not knowing what you need to be eating? Do you not know which supplements you need to be taking? Are you ready to know what to do so you can start getting your health on track?
When you know what you need to be doing, you can begin taking the right actions to be where you want to be. You are a unique individual, and a custom solution is the only answer to your specific needs.
During the Kickstarter Program, we have a 1:1 consultation, where we discuss your current nutrition and supplementation situation and any health concerns. Get your questions answered, your needs addressed, and gain clarity so that you can finally begin taking successful steps. You'll leave with new insights, some clarity, and an easy-to-implement plan.

The Level Up Program

Do you long for a greater understanding of what your body needs to begin healing? Do you need not only a continually custom plan but also the 1:1 support to support a transformation? Long-lasting transformations happen when you allow yourself to be supported and assisted. We take things a few steps deeper in the Level Up program by utilizing functional labs to reach your desired health results.
You already know that you need a custom plan for your specific problems and desired outcome, but you want the support and oversight to go along with the process. In this plan, I walk alongside you to ensure that you are educated, supported, and on a path towards healing. I empower you and hold you accountable for your specific goals.
During the Level Up Plan, we have an initial consultation to discuss your current health situation and craft a vision for your desired outcome. After this, we will meet bi-weekly to check in on your health status, discuss health questions, and review functional labs if needed.

The Diving Deep Program

Are you struggling with health ailments, such as infertility, PCOS, Hashimoto's, SIBO, IBS, and beyond? Are you unsure what the root causes of your health struggles are? Are you ready to release anxiety surrounding health concerns and finally cultivate a healthy relationship with food + wellness?

The Diving Deep 1:1 program is the most comprehensive program and the highest level of service. During the Diving Deep program, several functional labs, such a the DUCTH test, HTMA, the GI-MAP, and OAT are utilized to help identify the root cause of why you are struggling. Through this high-level program, I see the most success with my clients, including everything but not limited to IBS, PCOS, Hashimoto's remission, and conception after years of infertility. Through private portal communication, functional lab reviews, and monthly calls, you will be well supported on your way to wellness. 

The Worthy Womanhood Membership

You deserve a guide to help you make the best decisions in your health, and Worthy Womanhood is here to deliver just that. From recipes to supplements, weekly Q&As, natural remedies, functional movement, and self-care tips - all of that and more is inside the Worthy Womanhood Membership. 

Worthy Womanhood isn't a course or a one-time program - it's your daily wellness guide and resource. With enough structure to keep you focused and a dash of spontaneity to keep things fun and exciting, Worthy Womanhood is an active resource that will support you in your wellness journey. 

The Worthy Womanhood membership is a valuable, monthly, information-based membership that provides helpful resources, educational content, and weekly Q&A's. Because it is a general women's health membership, it is not the same as working with Kourtney 1:1. Both past, existing, and future clients can benefit from Worthy Womanhood because of how it is structured. The membership and 1:1 are complementary, and one is not a substitute for the other. If you like following @KALEMEKOURTNUTRITION on Instagram, you will love Worthy Womanhood.


"I want to take the time to say thank you to Kourtney for the life-changing impact she has had with my overall health. Her passion and intellect have help me so much..."


"A couple of years ago, I found out that I had the MTHFR gene mutation, and it launched me into the overwhelming  world  of nutrition and supplements. I reached out to Kourtney for help..."


"Kourtney is so amazing. I owe years of my health to her! A few years ago, I was really sick. I was sick like twice a  month and didn't know what was going on..."