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PCOS Group

For women with PCOS or PCOS-like symptoms, who are ready to regulate their cycle, and overcome the symptoms that PCOS brings.

Thyroid Group

For women who have Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, or Graves, who are looking to improve thyroid function and overcome symptoms associated with thyroid related conditions.

Pre-Conception/Infertility Group

For women who are trying to conceive, who need to get their health in order before having a baby, and/or are struggling to get pregnant on their own.

Gut Health Group

For those who have overall gut issues, including but not limited to SIBO IBS, IBD, crohn's, or ulcerative colitis. Those with acne, migraines, and unexplained autoimmunity often have underlying gut issues triggering symptoms, which this group will address as well.

Hormone Balance + Post Birth Control Group

For women who have hormonal imbalances, but don’t necessarily fit into the PCOS group, ie: women with endometriosis, painful period without PCOS, hormonal acne, PMS/PMDD, or those simply wanting to optimize hormonal status, avoid pregnancy without contraception and thrive without the use of hormonal birth control.

Choose Your Community


Why Group Coaching?

I’ve helped thousands of women identify the root causes of their health struggles and empower them to claim their healing. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others understand what they need to do for their health versus what they’re told to do. Through strategic nutrition, targeted supplementation, and custom solutions, I’m passionate about helping women like you embark on a path to sustainable wellness, free of restrictions and full of intention. In my years of working 1:1 with clients, I have seen women typically fit into one of five categories: PCOS, thyroid health, gut health, TTC, or they are looking to recover from or get off of hormonal birth control. I have always emphasized the importance of individualized support within your health struggles, so this was an important part of the creation of Kale Me Kourt groups. With this structure, not only will you be led through every foundational area of health, you will also be specifically guided within your area of struggle. Every step of the way, you will have me, and a group of women surrounding you and supporting you. The community aspect is something I am so excited about within these groups. You will learn, grow, and transform with so many like-minded women who all have one thing in common: we all know how difficult it can be to struggle in our health, and we all need answers and solutions. As a fellow former PCOS-Hashimoto’s sister, I am here to lead you through the strategies that helped me overcome my diagnosis, and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s possible to heal, you only need knowledge and support. Click Here to stay updated on registration and the launch date.

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Group Coaching Opens August 1st.

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