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Innovative Group Coaching

An immersive approach to healing combining connective breakout sessions, tailored support, extensive functional lab testing, and an empowering community of women from all walks of life.

I’m Here to Tell You, You Can Find Peace in Your Health Journey.

Meet an innovative approach to education and empowerment in your health through digestible resources and a close-knit community unlike any other.

I've compiled thousands of hours of clinical work and experience from radical health transformations to create 5 core groups that target PCOS, Gut Health, Thyroid, Pre-Conception/Infertility, and Hormone Balance Group. In this three-month group program, you'll learn and grow alongside like-minded women who have all made the brave choice to tackle their health head-on. Having experienced these health struggles myself, I'm dedicated to educating and providing you with the foundational tools, resources, and support to help you become an expert in your health.

From me to you, welcome.

3 Months Of Value Packed Support

5 Mindfully Curated Groups to Target Specific Areas of Health 

Genuine Connections With Women on The Same Journey

9 Live, Interactive Calls

Private Facebook Community


Why Group Coaching?

Meet Your Coach, Kourtney, Nutritionist, BS, CNC, FDNP

You’ve seen the one-size-fits-all approach to health coaching, the advertisements for supplements, the unrealistic restrictions, and quick fixes. I’m here to tell you that there is a better way to get to the root cause of your health issues.

So you may be thinking…why group coaching? You see, years of working with thousands of women have shown me these five areas of health women continue to struggle with. While I’ve continued to receive hundreds of applications for new 1:1 clients weekly, I began to recognize a greater need for education and connection.

I have always emphasized the importance of individualized support within your health struggles. This belief is instilled in every aspect of Kale Me Kourt Groups. With this unique structure, not only will you be led through the core foundations of health, but especially in the specific area you need support in, all while fostering connection with other like-minded women. My goal is for you to become your strongest health advocate for years to come.

I invite you to join me and take your first step towards healing today.



Finding Kourtney was nothing short of an absolute gift from God. I have fought for years with insulin resistance/ PCOS and was slowly starting to believe the lie that healing my body was impossible. I cannot begin to describe how understanding and sympathetic Kourtney was of my situation and how welcomed she made me feel. I finally had found someone who not only believed that holistic healing is possible, but that it was something I deserved. It has been through her believing in me that I began to believe in myself and my capabilities of taking control of my health. Kourtney’s approach and guidance was individualized to my specific needs, and she guided me every step of the way with thorough meal planning, supplementation, and loving conversation. It is with her help that I have regulated my cycle after years of irregularity, learned to treat food as medicine rather than an enemy, and have become the healthiest I have been in years. I cannot recommend working with Kourtney enough. Her heart and sincere care for every one of her clients is incredible and she is the best teammate you could ask for when choosing to re-claim your health as a top priority in your life. Kourtney, thank you for not only helping me heal my body through nutrition, but helping me learn how to love myself again.

Mara R.   


I started working with Kourtney because of serious health issues that rapidly began presenting themselves over the past year. I struggled with cystic and hormonal acne, high stress levels, hypothyroidism, gut issues, painful and irregular periods, and a PCOS diagnosis. Before meeting with Kourtney, I had been following her Instagram and knew that her approach was very unorthodox compared to conventional doctors, but I also knew that nothing else had worked in restoring my health and vitality. Once we talked via the complementary call, I knew that I could trust her with my health. Kourtney not only addressed every concern I had, but she listened to every detail of my health journey intently. I finally felt seen in my struggles, when I had never felt that way before. Through working with her, we found that I was dealing with SIBO, Hashimoto’s, and a poor-functioning liver, among many other things. Since addressing these concerns, my acne has significantly cleared up, my thyroid is functioning better than it has in a while (even while on medication), my liver is finally starting to detox properly, and my periods are consistently 28 days apart and less painful. I am on my way to no longer qualifying for a PCOS diagnosis, and it is all because of Kourtney’s help. I am so thankful I reached out to her because the past 3 months have been something I wouldn’t trade for the world. If you are questioning whether you should book with Kourtney, DO IT!! You will not regret investing in your health, especially with Kourtney as your guide. I have loved my time with Kourtney, and I know you will too!

Sam S.


We had been trying to conceive for 18 months and decided to walk away from fertility treatments. I dove into research about getting pregnant naturally with PCOS, and that’s when I found Kourtney! She created a meal plan for me, specific supplements, and I felt like I was finally on the right track! I started working with her in January, and at the end of February....I got a positive pregnancy test!!! I could hardly believe it. We are so thankful to Kourtney for her help! Our lives are forever changed, and we can’t wait to meet our little one! If you are dealing with PCOS, I highly recommend working with Kourtney! She is a wealth of knowledge, and I have learned so much from her!

Jillian M.

5 Intentionally Crafted Groups

While there are many aspects in life where a one-size-fits-all approach works, health is NOT one of them. This is why I created 5 sub-groups to target critical areas of health and provide you with the easy-to-digest resources and tools that will meet you where you’re at—not where the masses might be.

The PCOS Group

For women with PCOS or PCOS-like symptoms who are ready to regulate their cycle, rebalance their hormones and overcome the many symptoms related to PCOS once and for all.

The Thyroid Group

For women with Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, or Graves, who are ready to improve their thyroid function and overcome symptoms associated with thyroid-related conditions.

The Pre-Conception / Infertility Group

For women who are trying or struggling to conceive on their own. They need and are ready to get their health in order before bringing a little one into this world.

The Gut Health Group

For those who have overall gut issues, including but not limited to SIBO IBS, IBD, Crohn's, or Ulcerative Colitis. This group is also ideal for those struggling with acne, migraines, and unexplained autoimmunity—all of which can indicate gut issues.

The Post Birth Control Group | Hormone Balance Group

For women looking to recover post hormonal birth control or to get off of hormonal birth control altogether and are seeking guidance to do so. This group is also great for those looking to use the fertility awareness method to naturally prevent pregnancy without using hormonal contraception.

 In addition to the above focus groups, every member of Kale Me Kourt Groups will learn the foundational pillars of health, including but not limited to:

•Integrative, targeted nutrition 
•Functional lab testing
•Health situation-specific education
•Anatomy and physiology for women’s health 
•Nutritional supplement education and resourcing 
•Metabolic mineral and hormonal deep dive
•Food resourcing, extensive meal plan support, and custom solutions 
•Connective community and 1:1 support from Kourtney via question credits
•So, so much more

A $5,000+ value starting at $329/month.

Learn the Foundations of Health

  • 6 live, engaging and transformative group calls (6 all together), where you will learn, grow and connect with other women while learning about all things wellness related - from basic anatomy and physiology, to the in’s and out’s of nutrition, how trauma is linked to health struggles, and beyond) [$1200 value]

Focus Groups Specific to Your Health Struggles. 

  • 3 live, intimate focus group calls (3 per focus group) where you will connect personally to women experiencing your nearly-identical struggles, and where you can begin becoming an expert on your struggles within a safe and caring environment [$900 value]


  • Access to an empowering community of women who are there to support you [priceless]

Question Credits

  • Question credits, where you can ask Kourtney (that’s me!) your burning questions, and receive professional guidance in return [$350 value]

Functional Lab Testing

  • Over $1k of labs included (group coaching includes an HTMA test and a DUTCH complete or GI map microbial test), along with instructions on how you can understand your results [labs are mailed to home, only available in US or Canada - if you are in another country, email [$1,000+ value]

Meal Guides

  • 3 in-depth, nourishing monthly meal guides with step-by-step customization options to help you eat according to what YOUR body needs [$575 value]

Extensive Educational Handouts

  • Extensive educational handouts (grocery/pantry guide, morning/evening routine, macro guide, cycle tracking, blood sugar monitoring, common health ailments troubleshooting guide,  a healing through self care guide, and more) that will serve as guides throughout our time together, and for years and years to come  [$750 value]

Supplement Guide

  • An extensive supplement guide to help you begin using targeted supplementation based on areas of struggle  [$250 value]

Member Portal

  • A member portal where you can access recorded videos (in case you cannot join a live call, or if you want to re-watch a call) + along with handouts, and meal plans + a private community group for group members only [$250 value]


What’s the difference between 1:1 coaching and the group coaching program?

This group program is a revolutionary approach to healing that combines community and education in a way that facilitates a sustainable transformation—all while being surrounded by your sisters in wellness. After working with thousands of women, I am truly equipped to lead you through a comprehensive process through a group setting, where I expect to see real and exciting health changes to take place.  If you're ready to kickstart your wellness journey while being supported by an accepting community, the Kale Me Kourt Groups is an excellent fit for you. Group coaching includes 1:1 question support via private chat, but you can also add on an intensive session (or sessions + extra labs) where we can dive even deeper into your health complexities. 


How do the individual breakout groups work?

To see how groups work, watch the “How Group Coaching Works” video. 

What happens if I can't make a call? 

If you can't make a call, that's not a problem! Every call will be recorded and uploaded into the member portal, so you can watch them as many times as you desire.


Do the groups include lab work?

One of the most exciting parts of the Kale Me Kourt Groups is that I will be teaching you about functional lab testing: which includes labs like HTMA, DUTCH, and GI (stool pathogens) testing. When you join a group, you will automatically receive an HTMA, and DUTCH test or a GI map that you will be taking while participating in the program. When you register for groups, you don't have to worry about paying for these labs because they are included (HTMA + GI map or DUTCH).

Are there any refunds?

Because this group has limited spots, once you have chosen to purchase a spot, it is yours to keep. We hope you understand the importance of making sure you are ready to commit before purchasing, as there has been extreme interest from those wanting to join Kale Me Kourt Groups. 

If you have additional questions, please reach out to My team and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Not sure what program you need? Let's chat! 

Group Coaching

3 months of coaching + live calls (and recordings that are yours to keep forever), a private community that is ready to support you, 12 question credits that can be used to access 1:1 support from Kourtney, meal guides, handouts, resources, and educational material to support you in your health journey, an included HTMA & DUTCH or GI MAP test.

Registration Closed

When it comes to group coaching, you have two main options: group coaching as a stand-alone, or with the added intensive, which is a call with Kourtney and a custom protocol. 

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