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Hi, I'm Kourtney, 

Women's Health Functional 


I’ve helped thousands of women address their health struggles, and become empowered to claim their healing. I absolutely love teaching women how to care for their bodies in the best way. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others understand how they can begin bringing true balance to their bodies. Through strategic nutrition, targeted supplementation education, and custom solutions, I’m passionate about helping women like you embark on a path to sustainable wellness, free of unnecessary restrictions and full of intention. So, with that being said, I would love to immediately give you my Twelve Powerful Foods For Metabolism + Hormonal Support Guide and helpful tips on overall hormonal health. But stay tuned for the weeks and months ahead - I have more free guides for PCOS, Thyroid + Hashimoto's, Fertility, Gut-health, Hormone-balance, and overall wellness. 

My nutritional expertise has helped women confidently navigate...

PCOS & Endometriosis

Hashimoto’s & Grave’s Disease

SIBO and Gut Issues

Thyroid & Hormonal Struggles 

Infertility & Pre-Conception

Autoimmune Disease & So Much More

 "I have fought for years with insulin resistance/ PCOS and was slowly starting to believe the lie that healing my body was impossible. I cannot begin to describe how understanding and sympathetic Kourtney was of my situation and how welcome she made me feel in our first 1:1. I finally had found someone who not only believed that holistic healing is possible, but that it was something I deserved. It has been through her believing in me that I began to believe in myself and my capabilities of taking control of my health. Kourtney’s approach and guidance was individualized to my specific needs, and she guided me every step of the way with thorough meal planning, supplementation, and loving conversation. It is with her help that I have regulated my cycle after years of irregularity, learned to treat food as medicine rather than an enemy, and have become the healthiest I have been in years. I cannot recommend working with Kourtney enough. Her heart and sincere care for every one of her clients is incredible and she is the best teammate you could ask for when choosing to re-claim your health as a top priority in your life. Kourtney, thank you for not only helping me heal my body through nutrition, but helping me learn how to love myself again."

Mara R.  |  Client

"Chronic was the definition of my health before working with Kourtney. Anemia, fatigue, bloat, headaches, exhaustion - that was just life as I knew it since middle school. I began working with Kourtney because I had no idea where to begin. It seemed like my health concerns were a giant web of issues and I had no idea which path to take or in what order to address them. All I knew was that I was tired of being tired + bloated. I knew there had to be more to life - and that's where Kourtney came in. She was the first to really listen and string together every concern big & small. And most importantly: she was the first to have a plan that wasn't just taking iron supplements. I knew from the very beginning that I was working with the right person who had a solution rather than a bandaid- finally. And because Kourtney is in the business of not providing bandaids, my time working with her has been far more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Kourtney & I knew early on that we were in for the long haul to unravel my health issues and rebuild a healthy gut + life. What started with chronic iron-deficiency anemia & constant bloat, ended with a diagnosis of SIBO, gluten sensitivity, low stomach acid, and copper deficiency. The methods doctors were using to "heal" were actually harming me. The root cause was found where no one but Kourtney looked. No doctor or specialist ever mentioned gut health - but that was exactly where Kourtney began. I didn't need iron, I needed to heal my gut. Despite the complexities of my case, she never wavered in her support and commitment to my healing journey. She was right there for every high and low. Her knowledge and confidence in her practice assured me that we were going to tackle this thing. I now know what true living feels like - and I owe it all to Kourtney and her solution-focused approach to healing through nutrition."

Caitlin R. |  Client

"I started working with Kourtney because of serious health issues that rapidly began presenting themselves over the past year. I struggled with cystic and hormonal acne, high stress levels, hypothyroidism, gut issues, painful and irregular periods, and a PCOS diagnosis. Before meeting with Kourtney, I had been following her Instagram and knew that her approach was very unorthodox compared to conventional doctors, but I also knew that nothing else had worked in restoring my health and vitality. Once we talked via the complementary call, I knew that I could trust her with my health. Kourtney not only addressed every concern I had, but she listened to every detail of my health journey intently. I finally felt seen in my struggles, when I had never felt that way before. Through her 1:1 mentorship (and through consulting my medical doctor) we found that I was dealing with SIBO, Hashimoto’s, and a poor-functioning liver, among many other things. Since addressing these concerns, my acne has significantly cleared up, my thyroid is functioning better than it has in a while (even than it was when I was on medication), my liver is finally starting to detox properly, and my periods are consistently 28 days apart and less painful. I am on my way to no longer qualifying for a PCOS diagnosis, and it is all because of Kourtney’s help. I am so thankful I reached out to her because the past 3 months have been something I wouldn’t trade for the world. If you are questioning whether you should book with Kourtney, DO IT!! You will not regret investing in your health, especially with Kourtney as your guide. I have loved my time with Kourtney, and I know you will too!"

Sam S. |  Client

״I now know what true living feels like - and I owe it all to Kourtney and her solution-focused approach to healing through nutrition.״

Caitlin R.

Former Client

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