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Question Credit Instructions

One thing that sets Kale Me Kourt Groups apart from other group coaching programs is that each member gets six question credits to use throughout our time together. These credits can be used to ask questions that might feel too personal to bring up on group calls - but remember, you will be able to ask questions on calls. To use these question credits, you can follow the instructions below:

1) Email your question to and include a subject that follows these guidelines: "Question Credit #1" - and number the questions accordingly to the credit you are using, in order from 1-6. All group members have 6 credits, regardless of which additional groups they join (as displayed on the group benefits page). If you do not include a subject in this exact format, there is a chance that the email won't be seen.

2) If your question requires some context, please feel free to share! However, please make sure to not exceed one paragraph (3-5 sentences) with your question, so you can ensure a straightforward, helpful and timely response.

3) No images (rashes, other bodily photos, labs) can be sent in question credits, but you are welcome to explain your situation within the email. This is very important to remember. If you ask a question about your glucose readings for example, please include the text in the email - this will not count towards the paragraph allowance. For lab reviews other than HTMA questions, an additional consult must be booked and you must be engaged as a 1:1 client.

4) All question credits must be used by the week after our last group call is held. Please remember that these credits are provided as a courtesy, and you might not need to use all of them - which is totally ok! :) If any question is inappropriate or cannot be answered by Kourtney, this question credit will be returned to you, and you are welcome to ask another question. You may not ask questions pertaining to another individuals health.

5) The estimated response time for question credits is 3-5 business days. While quality responses are guaranteed, responses to question credits are not immediate. Thank you for being patient, so you can receive the highest level of attention and care!


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