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The Master Meal Plan Guidebook

Hello everyone, I am so excited to share this incredible nutrition guide! This guidebook is a culmination of all that I have shared with clients over the years. I hope that as you go through it, you are able to reach a better understanding of nutrition as a whole, but also of what your individual additions and subtractions can be. To make the most out of the meal plan guidebook:

  1. Use a Word document or a paper notebook to write down what you will be choosing to do based on the knowledge I share with you: what will your macro split be? Which foods will you reduce? Which foods will you emphasize? Which spices or teas will you add in to serve your health needs in the best way?

  2. After spending some time going through this and writing your "personal plan of action", you will have the next steps that are needed for moving onto the Volume 1 recipe booklet guide. This guide will be shared later this week, just in time for you to "plug and play" with your new nutritional objectives.

To download this guide, click below! (And remember - no sharing please ;) Enjoy!

Download PDF • 51.10MB


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