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Welcome To Group Coaching

Hello everyone! Welcome to Kale Me Kourt Groups. I am so excited that you decided to join this group program! We will truly connect deeply during our time together while taking a deep dive into all things nutrition and wellness. I fully believe that our bodies can find balance when we give them what they need - and that is exactly what we will be covering during our time together. Soon, you will receive your password(s) that will allow you to access your focus group(s) page once you confirm which groups you have selected. Be on the lookout for an email from to confirm your groups and receive your focus group page password. We will be in contact around or before one week after registering. As we get closer to groups beginning on April 27th, we will also contact you and ask for your home address so that we can mail an HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis test) to you. Please refrain from hair dye or treatments for at least four weeks before taking your HTMA sample so that results can be as accurate as possible. You can take this test any time throughout our three months together.

I am SO excited to begin! Thank you for allowing me to lead you on your journey. I am looking forward to supporting you!

To your health,



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